Colorado Serum Company got its start in the early 1900’s when Hog Cholera disease was decimating the swine industry in the United States.
Dr. J.N. Huff, a graduate of the Kansas City Veterinary College, moved to Denver, CO in 1922 to open a satellite manufacturing plant to the original “American Serum Company” founded in Sioux City, IA. Denver’s high altitude provided hogs with added and enriched blood, so Colorado was considered an ideal environment for producing a new antiserum for Hog Cholera. In 1923, the small Denver plant began production and shortly thereafter separated from American Serum to become Colorado Serum Company. Hog Cholera was eventually eradicated from the United States.

Colorado Serum Company went on to expand its product lines to include a full range of large animal biologicals, large animal veterinary instruments, veterinary diagnostics, specialty products, and laboratory reagents. The facilities now cover 22 acres in Denver and contains all manufacturing as well as administrative offices. Products are marketed and distributed by numerous animal health companies across the globe.

Colorado Serum Company is proud to be a 4th generation family-owned company, riding the edge of current science while continuing the valued and time honored traditions of personal and responsive service.