Serum Hepatitis in the Horse & When to Use TETANUS ANTITOXIN vs. TETANUS TOXOID

UPDATED: AUGUST 7, 2020 There is a disease syndrome called “serum hepatitis” that affects horses.  This is a very rare event and is linked to the administration of equine blood origin products.  About 20% of horses with idiopathic
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Tetanus in Farm Animals

Tetanus is a profoundly fatal disease in domestic farm animals, with worldwide distribution.  There is a wide variation in susceptibility to the disease with horses and pigs being highly susceptible and cattle, sheep and goats being less susceptible.  The organism that causes the disease, Clostridium tetani, requires an anaerobic environment (no oxygen) in which to grow.  Animals are at greatest risk of infection, due to growth characteristics of the organism, when the bacteria enter an area of the body without exposure to outside air.
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